Hells Bells

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Hells Bells

Am (C-b) (x8) G D (C-b)
Am D (C-b) (x4)

Am                    D             (C-b)           
  I'm rolling thunder, pouring rain
Am                     D        (C-b)   
  I'm coming on like a hurricane
Am                    D                 (C-b)   
  My lightning's flashing across the sky
Am                             D        (C-b)   
  You're only young but you're gonna die

D                                          (C-G)
  I won't take no prisoners won't spare no lives
D                            (C-G)
  Nobody's putting up a fight
E                                     (D-Am)
  I got my bell I'm gonna take you to hell
  I'm gonna get ya, satan get ya
Hells bells
Hells bells, you got me ringing
Hells bells, my temperature's high
            G D (C-b)
Hells bells

Am D (C-b)

              Am                        D             (C-b)       
I'll give you   black sensations up and down your spine
Am                              D             (C-b)   
  If you're into evil, you're a friend of mine
        Am                        D             (C-b)   
See the white light flashing as I split the night
       Am                           D                 (C-b)   
Cos if good's on the left then I'm sticking to the right


Am G Am C D  (x4)
D (C-G) (x2) E

Hells bells, satan's coming to you
      Am                          (C-b)
Hells bells, he's ringing them now
Those hells bells, the temperature's high
Am             C        D   (C-b)
Hells bells, across the sky
Hells bells, they're taking you down
                     C            D    (C-b)
Hells bells, they're dragging you down
Hells bells, gonna split the night
                        C       D     C-b)
Hells bells, there's no way to fight

Am C D (x4) Am
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