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Welcome to Wikichords!

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Wikichords is a wiki dedicated to Chords: a lyrics-and-chords version of a song, mainly targeted at guitar players. Like any wiki, content can be edited by any user, meaning that songs will always be as good as possible. Users are invited to correct chords/lyrics errors.

Chords on this site are intended for guitar players, but can obviously be played on any other instrument. However, be aware that no tablatures (tabs) are available on this site. Wikichords is about picking a song and be able to play it right away, without having to waste time deciphering a tablature.

In addition to providing near-perfect lyrics/chords, Wikichords offers printer-friendly versions of songs. Whenever possible, songs are arranged to fit on a single sheet, so that page-flipping is kept to a bare minimum while playing. For hints about printing Chords, please read the Printing Guide.


To find a song, browse chords by artists or use the search box on the left sidebar.


If you want to create a song or edit an existing one, please read the help manual in full before doing so.

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