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This page contains fingering for all chords on the guitar that you may encounter in a song. They are written in the standard 654321 format. As such, 6 represents the thickest string (low E) and 1 represents the thinnest string (high E).



That translates to:

6th string: not played
5th string: not played
4th string: open string
3rd string: 2nd fret
2nd string: 3rd fret
1st string: 2nd fret

Guitar Chords Chart

Root Note Major Minor Seventh
A 002220 002210 002020
B 224442 x24432 x21202
C 032010 x35543 032310
D 000232 000231 000212
E 022100 022000 020130
F x33210 133111 131211
G 320003 310033 320001
A7sus4  = 002030
Bbdim   = xx2323
G7/B    = x20001
Asus2   = x02200
Asus2/G = 3x2200
Asus2/F#= 2x2200
Asus2/E = 0x2200
A6      = X02222
contains a Full List of Guitar Chords in Standard Tuning

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