Three Simple Ideas to Getting What You May Want - By simply Speaking with People

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You are correct - The Networking Guru's Have it-all Wrong!All the Guru's are talking about how you have to move out there and 'network' - specially in 'today's economy.' You have probably noticed that Recommendations may be the most effective method of marketing. You might also realize that more than two-thirds of the country's economy is situated upon recommendations. But how the heck do you make it work for you?Virtually no-one is teaching networking 'how to's' to people AND the ones who are teaching it are teaching unpalatable stuff like 'How to Work an Area' and 'How to Win the Networking Numbers Game.'If you are like me, your reaction to those games is most likely something like: 'Ick, ick! - run-away fast'! Right? And yet recommendations is demonstrated to work. So, precisely how do you get what YOU want utilizing the cheapest, most effective form of marketing there is (without making others want to run away )?In this informative article, I will reveal three simple and effective tips that work virtually every time no matter where you're or with whom you are speaking - without making either you or the other person at all uncomfortable.Tip no 1 Know What You Want.It isn't what you think! If you have read any of the books on networking they will typically suggest that you 'know very well what you want' within the form of a specific goal such as 'go out and meet a certain number of people', or 'collect a certain number of business cards' or - horrors - 'hand out a certain number of cards.' That's not what I meant system kw2.Instead make your purpose really unique AND make it centered on something or someone you're seeking. Some business people go out networking looking for 'anyone who'll hire me.' This can be a inadequate tactic since frequently 'anyone' becomes 'nobody' and the few people who do opt to engage that individual become 'headache customers from 'h-e-double hockey stays.' Instead, focus on finding your dream customer or referral.So, in case you are a Realtor, devoted to expense residence, instead of seeking 'anybody who really wants to invest in real estate', focus on 40 - 50 year old men who already invest in real estate and are tired of being the 'lone wolf' OR (much more creatively) women between 30 and 50, without partners who can not afford traveling normally while they want (because real estate can help them build wealth). Or retired individuals who are blowing through their savings and are afraid they will outlive their income. Where I am going here.By being specific it is much more likely the person who you're talking to will be able to identify the person you're looking for.Tip 2 Focus on them.Again you get, this is simply not how it seems. Network gurus will tell you to 'Ask them what they do first.' The social implication is that they will feel obligated to then ask you what you do, so you may discuss yourself. I've seen this back-fire frequently, especially in network functions. People possibly get distracted or 'purposefully busy' before they've an opportunity to 'remember' to ask that which you do.A better approach: Let whoever talks first be natural. If it is your turn to talk, concentrate on them by defining the problem you solve for individuals you're looking for (the 'them '), in the place of stating your 'job title.' In the place of 'I sell a wholesome liquid beverage' you may say, 'I help people that are tired of medications live a wholesome, happier life.'And for heaven's sakes don't inform them how you solve the issue unless they ask. That is a sure-fire way to make their eyes glaze over!!Tip number 3 The Rolodex is Definitely What You REALLY Want.Remember, every person you meet knows around 250 people. If you are offering or referring to something and they are not interested, they'll tune you out - BUT if you tell them you're looking for something very particular, you will get them to get into 'who they know' which is a very large band of people.How this works: Let us say you provide a new cool dog toy. If you are attempting to sell the dog doll to the person you are talking to and that person does not have or doesn't like dogs, the discussion has ended. But, if you say you're looking for 'people who enjoy dogs' (or, better yet, the master of a particular dog-grooming store) it no longer matters whether or not anyone you're speaking with is 'your market.' Do you observe this could work for anything you want?You could ask for a suggestion to anything, anywhere provided that you're unique. And no one will undoubtedly be uncomfortable because you're NOT marketing (or confronting) your listener.Bonus Tip: Figure Out What You're Going To Say In front of Time!If you are a professional, be sure to figure out and practice what you are going to request before you head to that networking opportunity. Nothing says 'Amateur' quicker than a person who is completely unprepared. Do yourself a favor and practice!!So, now you know precisely how to get such a thing, everywhere using recommendations! What will you try to find today?

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